TechCalc 2.0

TechCalc 2.0 - the new generation of heat engineering calculation software for technical insulation.

Professional, fast and above all to TechCalc mobile 2.0 standard tool for thermal calculations in the domestic and industrial engineering are both shipbuilding for planners and insulators in Germany and internationally. With over 20 years experience in the development of software for technical insulation be opened with TechCalc 2.0 completely new perspectives and possibilities..

More professional, faster and especially for  mobile

Calculating thermal performances for complex installations is a very demanding and time-consuming task. ebz Süd in cooperation with ISOVER has therefore developed Techcalc, a thermal calculation tool to help industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors to design thermally efficient constructions quickly, easily and with reliable results.

Mobile and flexible

TechCalc 2.0 can be not only as a Windows software but also use easily and flexibly via mobile Tablets - offline, without connection to the Internet safe and 100%. This means that calculations can now be quickly on the road or run it directly on the site.

Professional and comprehensive

TechCalc 2.0 provides comprehensive support in the Financial calculation of efficient insulation systems. With the cost function can be self multilayer insulation constructions with different insulation products optimize according to economic criteria. This TechCalc is the ideal tool for energy efficiency consulting, recalculation of insulation thicknesses in specifications or project tenders.

Fast and targeted to the result!

TechCalc 2.0 provides a completely new interface that adapts to the individual user and can quickly lead to the desired result. Depending on the application (industrial engineering, building engineering, marine) and experience of the user in step-by-step mode, the interface adjusts accordingly, unnecessary details are omitted and the user just the selection, support and assistance they need to quickly to arrive calculation result.

International einsetzbar mit 10 Sprach-/Länderversionen
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TechCalc uses procedures laid down in ISO 12241, and supporting engineering rules such as the VDI 2055, as the basis for its thermal insulation calculations. The software brings together decades of practical experience and offers detailed calculation procedures with an easy-to-use interface covering a full range of different scenarios:
  • Thermal heat flow and surface temperature
  • Required insulation thickness depending on thermal heat flow and/or surface temperature
  • Minimum insulation levels required to prevent condensation
  • Drop in temperature over time for inactive/stored media
  • Temperature drop along pipe lines
  • Effect of moisture accumulation  in cooling and refrigeration pipework
  • Prevention of freezing in water pipes
  • Calculation of operating costs and amortisation of insulation work
  • U-values and R-values
  • Defaults
  • Calculation of CO2-Emissions
  • Calculation of buried pipes
  • Calculation of freezing time water
TechCalc 2.0 offers more additional features and user support. Thus, for use in the industry for some media, such as Water vapor, with a simple indication of temperature and pressure, all heat technical data necessary for the calculation determines automatically and accurately. The use of manuals or tables of values ​​is undertaken.

Additionally, TechCalc 2.0 provides of course all advantages of the previous version:
  • For international use with 10 Sprach-/Länderversionen
  • Extensive supporting databases for insulation materials, media, Sheathing, thermal bridges and air data
  • Open and customizable databases: own products and data may easily be uploaded and easily through catalogs
  • Comprehensive: with 12 different calculation methods and six standard geometries, almost all Dämmsituationen in technical insulation calculate
  • Accurate and standardized calculation according to rules of DIN EN ISO 12241, DIN EN ISO 23993, VDI 2055 and the AGI Q 112
  • Graphical and text output of the results with all calculation data
Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (except Windows RT) und 10/Android 4.2.0 +/iOS 8+
Memory Minimum. 1 GB, recommended 4 GB
Hard drive capacity 200 MB pro Installation
Display resolution 1200x800 Pixels with minimum. 32-Bit color depth